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You're not far from Hungry Jacks on the tail end of Oxford Street, with the beauty of Hyde Park a short stroll away. Tucked in a basement, you will find Slide Lounge - a dimly lit, unconventional space to hang out and well as to eat some good quality tucker. Was also relieved to see that the entree and main dishes were gluten free, upon looking at the set menu.

Welcome to Slide . Let's slide into some sizzling fun. They run a variety of different entertaining acts, and one was recently invited to a burlesque show to celebrate an important, recent achievement in my working life.

In an environment like this, a normal weekday night will kick off the festivities with some alcohol. Due to my mammoth workload, I opted for a lemon, lime and bitters on first gut feel reactions. It was great, yet with passionate people around me wanting to live it up, I felt I needed to step up my drinks a little bit. You know when you've so hard for something, you do just that. Normally not a white wine drinker, but I enjoyed a few glasses of some Cab Sav, and it was rather fruity - not overly sweet. Just went for a few short drops at a time, in between some Evian water, in tandem with some lemon, lime and bitters.

Inspiration then struck to give their passionfruit mojito a go. With real passionfruit pulps, this is one intense drink, yet nowhere near as sweet as the original one. It is a given for some natural purity to go with this baby. Just an awesome drink, yet it could have done with a bit less ice. Your head will spin after one glass. On this, I also went for the sweeter mojito - plain as but full on in taste and flavour. Probably not as much ice on that one. My neighbour went for a coconut mojito, and devoured some of the sweetest, brightest and fruitiest cocktails Sydney can endure in addition.

There was a set menu, and the entree - a French degustation was a little unusual. It wasn't a dish to rave about, however, it was a great appetiser to the brilliant main dish. There were three fruit pieces (honeydew and watermelon) perched underneath a piece of prosciutto, together with a little quiche that looks like tofu on an asian miso soup inspired spoon. The snail was the hit. Just used the toothpick, and boy there were some punchy herbs encased in this little French delicacy.

The mains comprised of either the fish or the lamb. I was given the lamb, and boy it was sensational. The gravy/sauce was a little thick, and the potato was a bit too puree like - yet the lamb was delicious. Significantly desired after devouring a couple of mean mojitos. As a couple of quests out of our party of ten did not show up (a lockout period at 7pm applied) - I also got to taste the fish. The latter was soft and delicate with hardly any bones. If any. Bliss.

That left room for the sweets. Normally not a sweet tooth at the moment, yet this was a party for me, therefore I just relished the best bits. I loved the meringue. It was soft and had a slight lemony flavour that did not overpower the palette. The macaron was a bit too sweet, yet thankfully it was small. The little chocolate tart was nice, but I'm just not in the mood for rich chocolate right now. We all cleaned up the other two plates, and loved the second serving of the little, cute meringue - while my friends went for the other sweet bits.

A great ambience with lovely staff - a combination of straight and gay, yet the service was great. The walkways between tables was a little tight, and it would be good if there was not a flight (felt like two) of stairs to head to the loo for obvious reasons when you're out celebrating something rare and special.

A great night. The food was hit and miss, yet I found the portion sizes just right. The snail, the lamb and the meringues were the standouts of this three course feed. The drinks did pack some punch, and definitely no pun intended there either.

Rating: 9/10

Where: 41 Oxford Street Darlinghurst NSW.
Why: Entree: the snail. Mains: the lamb. Desserts: the meringue.
Cost: N/A - this was a present.
When: Bookings need to be made - for dinner. Had to arrive ideally by 7pm, if not before 7:10pm - otherwise you're not allowed in.

Good for kids: No way.
Take away: No, not the idea.



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