Stitch Bar Sydney City

Stitch Bar Sydney City

Posted 2014-02-22 by Su Lwinfollow

My love of gourmet hot dogs led me to try the offerings at Stitch Bar on a Monday night. Situated at 61 York Street in the city, my friend and I were led downstairs to an underground bar.

Street view of Stitch

Stairs leading downwards to Stitch

Entrance of Stitch

At the entrance of Stitch, there was a vintage looking sewing machine on display, with deconstructed sewing machine parts propped up on display against one wall; hence the name “Stitch Bar.” Although my friend and I arrived relatively early, and when we stepped into the underground bar, there were a few tables with people sitting down, chatting already.

One of the many kinds of bottled beer on offer

A waitress directed us to a table and brought water for us while we waited. I was surprised that there were people in the bar already as it was early on a Monday evening, but this is just a testament to the popularity of the bar amongst Sydney-siders.

Food menu at Stitch

After our friends arrived, we decided to order quickly (the convenience of online menus allowed us to peruse the menu before our visit). The waitress who had greeted us earlier informed us that she could take our orders at our table, but that if we were paying separately it would be more convenient to order at the cashier, which we did.

In this way, Stitch is both convenient for people who like to pay first or after their meals. After we'd ordered, the food was brought to our booth shortly after.

The Mack Ducky Dog

My meal choice that evening was the Mack Ducky Dog ($19). Described on the menu as a 'duck, orange and pistachio sausage with foie gras and a truffle sauce' - the hot dog sounded deliciously decadent, and it was what I had come to Stitch to try. The hot dog was served with a generous amount of curly fries on the side. I had high expectations for this hot dog, and was slightly disappointed by what I found. The combination of duck, orange and pistachio flavours in the sausage were quite difficult to detect. It tasted just like a regular sausage, and had I not known that it was specifically a duck sausage; I would not have been able to tell. The truffle sauce was quite subtle in its truffle flavour, and was creamy and heavy. The hot dog was topped with several pieces of foie gras which had been warmed up by the temperature of the cooked sausage, and were becoming softer. All the hot dogs served at Stitch come with curly fries on the side. I found the curly fries crisp enough, but one of my friends proclaimed that they weren't crispy enough for her liking. I liked the subtlety of the chilli powder that was sprinkled over the fries.

The French Poodle

Initially, I had trouble choosing between the Mack Ducky Dog and The French Poodle ($17). The French Poodle contained a Toulouse style sausage with red wine and garlic, brie cheese, pickled pear and dijon mustard. One of my friends ordered The French Poodle, and I tried a little bit. I much preferred The French Poodle to the Mack Ducky Dog. Once again, it was hard to detect the subtle flavours of the sausage, but the melted pieces of brie cheese were wonderfully creamy and added that special something to the hot dog. The pairing of the brie cheese with the pickled pear was also a really nice addition.

Carnitas pulled pork, avocado, yoghurt, salsa verde, lime and hot sauce.

There was an extensive variety of cocktails on offer at Stitch Bar, but I didn't get to try any of them that evening. The bar is particularly renowned for their drinks, so it's something I'll have to come back for another time.

Rocket Pear Salad

Although the Mack Ducky Dog didn't live up to my expectations, I did enjoy the other food items on the menu, and I also liked the relaxed atmosphere. The décor was quirky and charming.

Pork burger

The casual atmosphere of the bar made you feel at home straight away. In terms of value, it was a good place to have a drink and catch up with friends without spending too much money.

The Daisy Jane cocktail

The service at Stitch was also enthusiastic and friendly. The staff that served us were young and exuberant. It was very different to other establishments where the staff go through the motions in a methodical manner. I enjoyed the experience at Stitch Bar, and would definitely return.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 61 York Street Sydney NSW.
Why: Gourmet hot dogs, burgers and other diner style fare, plus a myriad of cocktails.
Cost: Food menu starts at $6, while the cocktail menu starts at $17.50.
When: Lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, and dinner Monday to Saturday.

Good for kids: No
Take away: No



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