Stix Desserts Surry Hills

Stix Desserts Surry Hills

Posted 2014-05-12 by Su Lwinfollow
Stix Desserts is a new novelty concept dessert shop that opened on the lively Crown Street in Surry Hills earlier this month. I had already seen a few photos on my Instagram feed, and as I'm always eager to try new things, I was in a hurry to go.

Stix Desserts, located at 620 Crown Street.

L and I came on a Saturday night around 8pm. The shop-owner greeted us with a smile as we entered. The shop is small and seats only a few, but it wasn't busy at this time so we didn't have any problems with seating. The decor was light and minimal with floor tiles; so white they practically blinded the eyes, together with some pastel coloured stools.

Range of gelato flavours at Stix

The different coloured gelato sticks that were on display was the best decoration of all though. Like any other ice creamery, Stix offers free taste tests. The flavours on offer that night consisted of vanilla; plain yoghurt; watermelon; hazelnut; pomegranate; strawberry; chocolate; rum 'n' raisin; mint; coffee; lemon sorbet; tiramisu; biscotti and pannacotta.

Store layout of Stix Desserts

I couldn't decide between biscotti and pannacotta, so I decided to try the pannacotta. The pannacotta flavour was smooth, creamy and sweet which I liked. However, as I always choose overly sweet gelato flavours most of the time, I decided to go with biscotti, which the server recommended as the less sweet flavour between the two.

In addition to the gelato, there are custom sauces and toppings to add. For anyone who went to the DIY Magnum pop up store around the end of last year, it's a pretty similar concept, although the woman who owned the store stated that they had their idea before the Magnum pop up store began. Either way, I thought the idea was very novel and a nice addition to the range of dessert stores that Sydney has to offer.

Wall art at Stix

I chose milk chocolate for the sauce, and salted pretzel for the topping. L had picked strawberry gelato with strawberry sauce and chocolate sprinkles. I thought her gelato with its sauce had a strong and sweet strawberry flavour which I liked, but she expressed regret at having chosen the strawberry sauce on top of the strawberry gelato.

Right to left Strawberry gelato with strawberry sauce and chocolate sprinkles, and Biscotti gelato with milk chocolate sauce and salted pretzel topping.

My biscotti gelato was smooth with a mildly sweet flavour. I liked the crunchy contrast that the salted pretzel provided, but found hard to keep the pretzel pieces on the gelato. Overall, I thought the taste of the gelato was pleasant and took me back to my childhood days of eating Billabong and other various store bought ice cream on sticks.

The gelato on sticks is a concept reminiscent of my primary school days when I relished convenient store bought ice cream

I think Stix is a concept that children will love, and also the young at heart. I liked the creativity and freedom of being able to choose your own toppings, but thought the topping options were a little limited. The gelato was smooth and creamy, but was a marked departure from other gelato places such as Messina. I'd say the gelato at Stix is more for people who like to try new things, and although I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't be a regular here.

Rating: 6.5/10

Where: 620 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW
Why: Delicious gelato served on a stick with customisable toppings and sauces.
Cost: $4.50 for one stick of gelato
When: 12pm - 9:30pm Monday to Thursday, Friday 12pm - 10pm, Saturday 1pm - 10pm, Sunday 1pm - 9:30pm.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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