Sushi Hub Chatswood

Sushi Hub Chatswood

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After much anticipation, Sushi Hub finally opened in Chatswood last week. It is located in the busiest popular CBD corner in Chatswood. It is relatively close to Makoto, a long-term sushi train restaurant that pretty much monopolised the sushi market in Chatswood.

A fierce competition between the sushi places is expected. We wondered if Sushi Hub's standard can withhold sustainable survival in Chatswood's throat-cutting dining industry.

We have visited Sushi Hub on several occasions since last week's grand opening, and so far we have been consistently pleased by the quality of their sushi, inari and nigiri.

The selection of nigiri we ordered tasted fresh and remarkably delicious. The sushi rice was moist and well-cooked.

The inari sushi also looked inviting and generously filled with wonderful toppings like abalone salad ($2), lobster ($2), crab meat ($1.80) and tuna salad ($1.80) etc.

Not only were the serving sizes larger and very pleasing to the eyes; the price was another delight. It only costed us $1.50 (plain) or maximum $2.00 (with fillings) for a good solid snack.

A special mention goes to the scallop nigiri ($2 each) and the French eel dragon rolls ($2). They were well-crafted and looked utterly delicious. The lightly-aburi flame grilled scallops were absolutely delicious. We loved the fatty seafood taste that melted in our mouths.

We also got some sushi rolls ($2.70 each). I was pleasantly surprised that there are fillings all the way through, and not just at the top. Another positive note: the sushi rice ratio to the fresh ingredients was low.

Sushi Hub is becoming one of the better value Japanese takeaway shops in Chatswood. Their presence certainly provided a catalyst effort for other sushi places to pick up their game.

Bear in mind, Sushi Hub don't offer the best Japanese sushi, but for under $3, the quality ingredients used - in tandem with the convenience, I'd say it is pretty decent as long they maintain the same standards.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 340 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW
Why: Fresh, Healthy Sushi, as well as Inari and Nigiri sushi for under $3!
Cost: Cheap $2.00 inari or $2.70 sushi roll
When: 8am to 8pm

Good for kids: Yes, and good for parents too.
Take away: Yes



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