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Feeling peckish one Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to head to a local place for some sushi. Sushi Roll at Top Ryde is a conveyor belt sushi train, offering lots of variety from nigiri, ships and hand rolls to other items, ranging from tempura and mini hotpot items.

As well as seating around the conveyor belt counter, there is also table seating available. I always enjoy being seated at the counter as it permits me to watch the rotating sushi.

Seared Scallop Nigiri 5.60

We arrived at Sushi Roll at around 1:30pm. It's usually quite busy here, but today was a little less busier than usual. We were seated quickly by one of the hosts, but didn't receive much service beyond this.

Sushi Rolls menu

I've noticed every time I come here that the service is quite minimal, unlike other sushi trains that give you copies of the menu and ask if you'd like any drinks. If you have any requests at Sushi Roll, you'll have to flag down one of the waitresses or waiters which isn't always an easy feat.

Philadelphia Roll 4.60

My first choice, the seared scallop nigiri, wasn't listed on the menu but was going around the rotating conveyor belt. The seared scallop pieces were seared well, while the garnishing sauce was very tasty. They had also used the perfect ratio of rice to scallop. The rice was soft and had also been garnished with a little of the sauce that sat atop the scallop.

Plates of sushi on the rotating conveyor belt

The philadelphia roll consisted of cucumber, cream cheese and raw salmon, with a dollop of mayonnaise and salmon roe. The cream cheese contrasted with the cool cucumber and complemented the salmon.

Unlisted menu item 6.50

The above item was also not listed on the menu, but was going around the conveyor belt. The interior was of creamy crab salad and avocado, topped with a slice of seared salmon, mayonnaise and salmon roe. I thought this was one of the tastiest rolls I tried that day, and all the ingredients worked well together.

Decor and cashier at Sushi Roll

Diners at Sushi Roll

There were few staff working that day, and all of them seemed to be preoccupied with other duties. Therefore it took me a little while to get the attention of a waitress to order some menu items. After ordering, the items didn't take long to arrive, perhaps about 5-10 minutes. The salmon castle consisted of two rolls with sushi rice at the bottom, wrapped with raw salmon. One was topped with creamy lobster salad, while the other one was topped with juicy salmon roe.

Salmon Castle 6.80

Salmon Nigiri

In general, Sushi Roll is a convenient place to eat quality sushi at affordable prices. Although I wouldn't really call it traditional, there's so many menu options most diners will find that this sushi train has something to accommodate everyone's needs.

Rating: 7/10

Where: The La Strada level of Top Ryde Shopping Centre
Why: Vast menu options for sushi rolls and other Japanese cuisine options
When: Lunch and dinner 7 days a week

Good for kids: If they like sushi, yes.
Take away: Yes



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