T2B Westfield Sydney

T2B Westfield Sydney

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Fresh teas and experimenting is the aim of the game

T2B at Westfield Sydney is a newly opened hub of creativity, when it comes to that pot of purity that many of us have come to accept and love; either at or away from the home. In fact, T2 have taken their quality brews to a whole new level. It's a cafe with style, not to be mixed with a science lab. For the latter, needless to say "experimentation" is the aim of the game.

A science like ambience, yet it works.

It is like tea is another form of medicine, and ah it can (and is for some) be quite a therapeutic drink. In addition to teas, T2B also serve some hearty soups and other treats, and stunning macarons are even on the menu. This was as of last Monday the 1st of July 2013.

Just like a real cafe

There are no excuses. Anything is possible. Tell the staff here what you'd like in your tea, and they will brew you up a pure pot of purity in no time at all. During the short wait, there are ample magazines to read, and if you wish to take home some T2 tea, you can do it all in the one place. This is innovative style.

Macarons, the tower of plenty.

Whether you feel like a spicy tea, or a lighter colour tea...bingo, your match made in heaven is in here. On the other hand, if you are keen to get rid of a cold; a detox like tea with a bit of honey is a great remedy made to order with pleasure. Each cup of tea is around $5, well mine was anyway, and indeed it was money well spent. The tea can take about 3-4 minutes to preserve, and then it is served. The staff are eager, energetic and utterly helpful. Hey, well life is an experiment and a risk after all.

Love it

Rating: 10/10

Where: T2B at Westfield Sydney (Sydney Central Plaza end, right near the QVB.)
Why: Customise your tea to suit yourself with the quality T2 range.
Cost: $5 a cup.
When: When in need of a quality brew. Afternoons are magic.

Good for kids: More for the grown ups, yet there are a few sweet items on the menu for the kids.
Take away: That's the idea.

Its healthy



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