Tequilas On Main Rouse Hill

Tequilas On Main Rouse Hill

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[Linkhttp://www.tequilasonmain.net.au/ Tequila’s On Main] is a festive restaurant that tries to capture the spirit of Mexico, or at least, Mexican food.

It took a few minutes to be noticed at the front desk, but once the attendant came over, they were extremely attentive and polite as they placed napkins on our laps. There are many seats, as well as a bar situated in the middle of the restaurant - all styled in a Mexican theme and decorated with Mexican art.

Nice mix of fried and fresh with the taquito bites.

It helps to know a little Spanish when reading the menu, but the meal descriptions will fill in any gaps. If you’re looking for an entrée, the taquito bites ($15.95) are an excellent option. Taquitos are basically a Mexican spring roll - a deep fried tortilla rolled and filled with shredded meat. At Tequila’s, the shredded chicken was succulent and full of salty flavour, while the outside tortilla roll was cooked perfectly. It had an excellent texture - not too crunchy, not too soft and was served with a generous helping of chunky salsa and sour cream infused with jalapeños.

Tostada compuesta.

Speaking of generous helpings, the tostada compuesta ($25.95) can easily feed two people, if you’re not against sharing. Making up the tostada compuesta are two massive mounds of meat along with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, guacamole, salsa and sour cream which are piled high on top of two crisp tortillas. Unfortunately, the beef was minced, not shredded like traditional Mexican meats, but the chicken was once again tender, juicy and added an earthy, smokey element to the fresh vegetables. Good Mexican food like this is a mix of textures from luscious, saucy, spicy meat served hot; to crunchy tortillas and refreshing, crisp lettuce and tomato.

Fresh and spicy salsa.

It seems that all of Tequila's salsas and sauces are freshly made, not scooped out a jar - which is rather impressive, not just because they make it themselves, but because they actually do it well. The salsa is more than just diced tomato and chilli. It is a proper salsa sauce that covers the dish. While Tequilas salsas and sauces have a bit of a kick to them and are more than capable of raising some fire alarms, they can keep it mild too if you’re not into spice.

Icy cold, sweet and delicious the strawberry and watermelon mojito.

Finally, you can’t go to a place called Tequila’s and not talk about what they have to drink. The bartender clearly takes pride in his work. His sister designed her own mojito ($15.00), which, while made with simple Bacardi, is also mixed with strawberry and watermelon. It was a great take on a classic, making for a sweet, refreshing drink to wash down the spicy meal.

An excellent margarita served in an untraditional glass.

The Tommy Margarita ($15.00) is a triumph served in a short glass. This margarita was pulpy and full of citrus. It was thick with flavour, and had a lovely white foam on top. The salt on the rim was well distributed and beautifully presented, contrasting well with the sweet agave flavour. If you're a fan of tequila, this Tommy, mixed with reposado tequila is definitely worth a try.

Rating: 8/10

Where: GR082 Main Street, Rouse Hill Town Centre, Rouse Hill, 2155.
Cost: Expensive, but generous servings.
When: Open 11am-11pm every day.
Good for kids: Yes.
Take away: No.


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