The Best TakeAway Sashimi in the City

The Best TakeAway Sashimi in the City

Posted 2013-05-28 by Justine Crowleyfollow
An awesome takeaway sashimi treat awaits

Something a little different for all of you Sydney Food Lovers out there. It is great to review food trends, and restaurants where you can dine in, yet what about food to be taken away, or even better, delivered at your home?

Sydney, I know. At times we feel so time poor, we're running around. The great thing is, David Jones Foodhall at Market Street is home to (easily) the best take-away sashimi you can buy in the city.

Why? So much value and variety, and $9.50 a pop for a regular serving ($13.50 for larger serves) equates to really fantastic value.

You receive a bit of all different types of fresh, raw fish, buried in a decent amount of salad at the bottom. If you dine in for some sashimi at any Japanese restaurant or sushi train in the city, you'll be lucky to enjoy this (the salad) with some avocado slices. The take-away version at the David Jones Foodhall has all of this. Look for out for their "Sashimi Salad" in the fish section, right next to their sushi train.

You can see it here somewhere

Decent bite size pieces of raw tuna, salmon and some other white type of fish make way for a fairly filling lunch, or half of a dinner for a small to medium build person. Love the dipping sauce with the soy flavour. A perfect salad dip. A dish to be enjoyed, and you also receive some wasabi, ginger and extra soy sauce.

There is variety of colour and quality on the plate. A fairly tasty meal. You can buy sashimi to take away for usually $10 or more elsewhere, and you will be lucky to receive six pieces of raw salmon only, and again that's if you're lucky. If you want to take the pack home, and on a glorious day, you can always enjoy at Hyde Park across the road.

Love this sashimi at David Jones Foodhall

This might be a good way to begin a discussion here. To our wonderful readers, and yes that includes you: do you know any other places in the city that sell quality sashimi to take-away as nice as this? Let us know by leaving your comments. Most greatly appreciated.

Rating: 10/10

Where: David Jones Foodhall
Why: For the best take-away sashimi in the city
Cost: $9.50 - regular/$13.50 larger
When: Lunch is perfect, otherwise also good for a light take away dinner.

Good for kids: Yes, although this is a real adults guilt-free treat.
Take away: Absolutely.



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