The Coffee Emporium Rouse Hill

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Tall wooden bar stools, thick rustic looking large tables, gunny bags and coffee bean displays. All this creates an Latin American cafe feeling when you walk into The Coffee Emporium in Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Upon entry you cannot help but see that this is one cafe that is busy with all kinds of customers, from the very tiny one who sits on a mother's lap sipping a tall glass of milkshake to the elderly gentleman sitting at a table outside sipping on his mug of coffee reading his newspaper.

The cafe gets the diversity of customers due to its location so close to the library and the centre where children's dance classes are held in Rouse Hill Town Centre. Most customers prefer to just drop in to get their coffee on the go. For those who want to have a more relaxed dining experience, there is a choice of both indoor and outdoor seating. You should choose outdoor seating if you'd want to avoid the contemporary style of music that is being played inside the cafe. Having said that, you would often see small groups conducting business meetings and even job interviews over a cup of coffee at this venue.

The cafe facade shouts welcome, but upon entry you do find the staff to be somewhat aloof or rather too busy. If you do catch their attention, and/or you are a regular, they do take their time to greet you and have a small chat.

But this is not so with the new customer.
For them the staff may seem almost robotic, lacking in the pleasantries with the mere taking of the order and sending them on their way with the usual coffee table number.

However the staff choose to behave, the coffee and the food served here is of good quality. The menu offers a wide variety of choices from the sweet to the savoury, along with daily specials. The choices are more along the lines of a quick snack that would accompany your coffee rather than a full meal, and the meals here are not too pricey either. You do get to witness how your sandwiches are made, and your breads are plated as this is done in plain sight of the indoor tables.

The barista is busy at work right in front of you. If you like to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a snack, this cafe most certainly would be your choice.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 10-14 Market Lane Rouse Hill NSW
Why: Good Coffee
Cost: Breakfast from $9
When: During shopping hours

Good for kids: There are quite a few kids at any given time.
Take away: Yes



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