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Visiting Stanhope village after a long pause, I was amazed at the development that had taken place in and around the shopping centre. All pleasant. Good things have come into being, and among them is The Foodie , a Vietnamese fusion food restaurant that had gained instant popularity.

The Foodie, as we were told was popular for take away food options, as opposed to eating in. I could immediately see why. The place does not have too much seating space, and it seemed like getting a place to sit would depend entirely on luck.

We did the wise thing and ordered take away before dropping in. Ordering is easy if you do it online. None of the confusions you get with trying to communicate with different accents. You order what you want, and that's exactly what you get.

At this eatery you don't get to interact much with the waiting staff. They are polite and pleasant, but not open to lengthy conversations. Not even about food. But that didn't bother us too much as we were only there to collect our order.

The menu is quite exciting with dishes I had not tasted before. Our first choice was a dish of wok tossed king prawns with a tamarind and palm sauce, of which was served with rice. With an attractive name like Tom Xao Ot Hiem Sot Me ($13.90), I had to try it. The dish was quite sweet as expected of food from this region. The tamarind flavour coated on prawns created quite a sensation in my mouth. Though the dish was to my satisfaction, I would have liked if they had added fewer pieces of carrots.

The chargrilled lamb chops ($14.90) was our second choice. Without a question it was one of the best dishes served at The Foodie. The lamb, marinated in five spices with soy and hoisin sauce, and grilled to perfection was accompanied by a generous potion of rice.

All dishes at The Foodie are quite reasonable in price, and are made with fresh ingredients with large serving sizes. So much so that I would recommend a portion to be shared if you are one with a smaller appetite.

With loyalty offers such as order seven times and get the 8th free, The Foodie certainly is a good find for those busy families. It's as easy as ordering on line while you are at work at picking up on your way home.

Rating: 8/10

Where: 70/2 Sentry Drive Stanhope Gardens NSW.
Why: Easy to order, good take away food at a reasonable price.
Cost: Mains from $13.90
When: Lunch & Dinner

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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