The Mill Milperra

The Mill Milperra

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Wanting to have dinner in a family friendly restaurant, the Mill at Milperra seemed like the obvious place to go. The modern d├ęcor and subtle background music gave off an impression of sophistication and class.

The Mill

The handy buzzer

The Mill has a system in place that is efficient and works well. You order at the counter, and then they give you a buzzer that will notify you when your food is ready, and you collect your food. The menu available offered a range of different cuisines for customers to enjoy including Asian, Italian, Australian and Mexican food.

I ordered the Bruschetta ($8) to start. While the tomatoes tasted a bit soft and didn't seem as fresh as I would have liked, the subtle addition of the olive oirl for some needed, extra flavour was great.The bread which was lightly toasted and had a slight crunch to it was the best part of the dish.

Light entree

The Char-grilled veggie stack ($13.50) was my next meal. Eggplant dominated the stack among zucchini, pumpkin and, as per my request, the haloumi cheese was set on the side. The veggie stack was a great starter. The vegetables were cooked through well and easy to eat. Though I am not a big fan of pesto usually, the pesto sauce added in the meal was light, and definitely not too overpowering or poignant. It enriched rather than overwhelmed the dish, which I find is so easily done.

Healthy and delicious

The Mini-rump (250g) ($19) was served with Bernaise sauce and cooked medium well done. While the meat was slightly dry, it was still tasty to eat as the thick, creamy, flavoursome bearmaise sauce added some extra flavour.The vegetables were also cooked well, and included some fried carrot strips to add texture while the mash potato was creamy. The mini-rump was sufficient enough for one person, but could be shared between two light eaters as the portions were generous.

Medium welldone

Another dish of ours was the Sirloin Rump (280g) ($26), served medium rare with mushroom sauce. While the rump was a bit burnt on the outside, this was easily overlooked as the inside was tender and juicy, and had a nice texture.

Sirloin rump

My dad ordered the Barramundi fillet ($24). It was fresh and not too fishy. The fillet was pan-fried so the skin was nice and crispy, and overall moist, juicy and satisfying. However, a bit more greens on the side was desired.

Fresh, not fishy.

After a brief rest, we decided to order one last desert dish to share amongst ourselves. We chose the Tim Tam Brulee ($8.50). The desert definitely satisfied our sweet tooth. It had a creamy light layer of tim tam topped with raw sugar. While the tim tam flavour was subtle and not overpowering the brulee, a thick baked custard was missing the toffee, crispy covering that we were craving for and of what is usually found in a brulee.

Our sweet tooth was satisfied

Overall, the service was quick and efficient. All our dishes were were ready at a reasonable time, and the portions and quality of food served was high. If you're looking for a family friendly environment where you are served with great, satisfying food, while still getting value for money, then the Mill is the definite place to go.

All class and sophistication

Rating: 7.5/10

Where: 189 Beaconsfield St. (near Marigold St.), Milperra NSW
Why: Family friendly environment and value for money food
Cost: Total meal was $99
When: Open 7 days

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: No



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