The Nut Shop Strand Arcade

The Nut Shop Strand Arcade

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A glimpse of another best seller, right near the front counter.

The Nut Shop at Sydney's Strand Arcade boasts a rich, family heritage since 1939. A family run business, with a unique shop front that is ever so popular among many from different backgrounds. All of the nut products, some of which contain chocolate - are made at their factory in Waterloo.

Some beautiful chocolate treats

Paul and his staff - especially Susie, Natalie and Tina are ever so thrilled to be of service. If you've ever wondered where that old fashioned service left to go to - there is no need to ponder on this thought anymore. Good old fashioned service reigns with a vengeance right here.

Another chocolate tour group loving it

Their best seller, the Vienna Almonds are surprisingly really popular among all of the chocolate walking tour guests to date. Many of their other highly recommended products:

  • Milk and dark chocolate coated almonds
  • Milk and dark chocolate coated macadamia nuts
  • Milk chocolate coated sultanas
  • Butter macadamia nuts
  • Farm macadamia nuts - as is
  • Chocolate coated ginger

  • There are some other amazing treats, including some chocolate coated ginger. This little boutique is well organised, and the display at the counter ensures salivation for sure. Many of my chocolate walking tour guests have made purchases here on previous chocolate walking tours. Great gifts for sure.

    Beautiful shop window

    As of the 2nd of November 2011, if MasterCard holders spend $50 or more on their MasterCard - these customers will receive 200grams worth of Vienna Almonds that retail for $10.


    Highly recommended. Worth coming to often in elegant surroundings.

    Loving this

    Rating: 10/10

    Where: The Nut Shop - Strand Arcade
    Why: For many recommended nut products - with or without chocolate.
    Cost: Based on weight. 200grams of Vienna Almonds come to $10.
    When: During Strand Arcade trading hours. Purchases can also be made online.

    Good for kids: Yes
    Take away: Yes



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