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Posted 2014-03-27 by kaliafollow

The guys at The Purple Moose have developed a cult following through their creativity, fun-loving style and passion for some of Sydney’s best coffee. How creative they have been is obvious when you see the tiny space they have made work as a real cafe. As soon as you spot what looks like nothing more than a ‘hole in the wall’ and see the funky, personalised modern touches you’ll be hooked. Locals have been grateful that ‘The Moose’ arrived since it opened its doors in early 2013.

People in the Alexandria/Rosebery area are spoilt for choice when it comes to great coffee, but the Coffee Alchemy brew they serve here is always right up there. You know it will be made by one of the small trusted team of owner/managers, and supervised by the house mascot - Elvis the purple moose (he was named via a Facebook competition. A very clever idea!)

The Moose does every type of coffee, including a special ‘frizzante’ cold drip, and it is the main event here. Seasonal additions such as refreshing lemon iced tea during the warmer months. The main crowd is people ordering take away on a break from work, but weekends get busier with people staying for breakfast. Prices are reasonable ($4.50 for a large soy latte) and you’ll always feel welcome.

The food selection is evolving too - a bit of a miracle when you see the size of the kitchen space the guys work with. Not only is there a choice offering of muffins, croissants, cookies and tarts ready made; but you can choose from gourmet sandwich options, jaffles and a breakfast board that is as good as pretty much any sit down café you’ll find. I know my stuff when it comes to muffins, and despite the fact I’m a health coach who usually avoids gluten; every so often I cave in for one of the ones they serve here - they are that good. So far it hasn’t even mattered what flavour either!

On a Saturday morning (they’re closed on Sundays) you’ll see the makeshift crates out for people to use the large bay windows as tables, and ‘Moose Lane’ with a trendy mural that would work in one of Melbourne’s famous lane ways will usually be full. The area turns into a hub for people to meet and grab a coffee on their way to run errands, and it’s a nice community feel.

All in all The Purple Moose guys know what they’re doing, and they do it very well in a competitive area. I hope Elvis never leaves this building!

Rating: 9/10

Where: 446 Botany Rd Alexandria NSW.
Why: Coffee. Snacks. Atmosphere.
Cost: $4.00-$25
When: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-3pm.

Good for kids: Outside areas yes, inside is quite cramped and hard to navigate.
Take away: Yes



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