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There are chocolate shops and chocolate lounges, and then there is Theobroma , the best chocolate Lounge in Rouse Hill. As soon as you walk in to the shop, you cannot but let your eyes feast on the variety of chocolate options that are offered. From clear cellophane packets of very Christmassy gifts, to hand crafted eye pleasing varieties of loose chocolates deliciously invite you to go ahead and get that sugar high anytime of the day.

Taste of Gods

The lounge itself is quite spacious. Enough room that you would not be brushing on your neighbours shoulder as you savour the delights that please the Gods. Deep brown leather chairs, glamorous chandeliers, dim lighting, chocolate roses in pristine glass jars all but add to the heavenly chocolate experience that Theobroma has to offer.

Mouthwatering waffle heaven

The Freshly made mouth-watering Belgian waffles covered with thick melted chocolate that the lounge serves (starting at $5.50) will never fail to give you that extraordinary chocolate hit. The plate that comes with the freshest strawberries and the creamiest ice cream heaped on crispy waffles, all covered in that slightly warm melted chocolate is a sweet treat one can never resist.

Ambience like no other

The lounge is known for its range of hot chocolates: Belgium milk, dark, white and caramel to name. You name it, they’ve got it. The hot mugs with a flame underneath, of which these precious hot beverages come in, ensures that the desired hotness lasts till you finish the final thick drop of chocolate.

Hot mug that keeps the chocolate melting

Theobromas' chocolate delights do not end at hot chocolate beverages. The range extends to fruits with chocolate, assorted cakes, muffins, and chocolate covered pancakes to even affairs with chocolates.

chocolate delights on display

The icy cold chocolate frappe should undoubtedly be one on the must try at Theobromas' list. The long glass of creamy coolness infused with the thickest of chocolate, will surely satisfy your chocolate cravings while keeping you cool during those hot summer days.

Kids menu available

Strategically located in the hub of the centre square of the Rouse Hill Town Centre; Theobroma is easy to find with plenty of underground parking in the shopping centre.

Party options

Rating: 10/10

Where: Shop GR094/Rouse Hill Town Centre Windsor Rd Rouse Hill NSW
Why: Chocolate Heaven
Cost: Chocolate meal plates from $5.50 - $9.95
When: Anytime of the day

Good for kids: Kids menu available
Take away:Yes



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