Thr1ve Sydney CBD

Thr1ve Sydney CBD

Posted 2015-08-05 by Kerrifollow
A gluten free paleo breakfast to suit everyone.

Are you looking for a place in the Sydney CBD where you can eat healthy yet delicious meals laden with superfoods for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then look no further than Thr1ve at Food on Five in Pitt Street Westfield. Offering gluten free and paleo options with no added sugar, Thr1ve is all about seasonal food that will keep both your tastebuds and your body happy.

Indulge your sweet tooth with delicious paleo pancakes made from almond and coconut flour.

I first came across Thr1ve when I heard about their signature Mountain Coffee, a long black with a tablespoon of grass fed butter and dash of MCT oil, which claims to give you slow-burning energy all day long. Always willing to try something new, I gave it a test run, and can gladly say the results were as promised. This isn't the kind of buzz you get from sugary treats, but rather the kind of energy that is perfect to get you through a long day. Added to that, the coffee is delicious and has no need for any added milk or sugar.

Smoked salmon stack, paleo pancakes and mountain coffees make for an energy packed breakfast.

Since then I have tried a few of Thr1ve's breakfast options. I'm not really familiar with the paleo or primal way of eating, but it was the fact their menu is 100% gluten free that attracted me. Breakfast has a great range of protein-laden choices, including stacks with eggs, bacon, smashed avocado and sweet potato bake, or smoked salmon, seasonal greens, scrambled eggs, capers, crème fraiche and a slice of gluten free Primal toast. I highly recommend the smoked salmon stack for a delicious and filling meal that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Thr1ve is located at Food on Five in Westfield Sydney.

The Primal toast mentioned above is quite a surprising treat. While it's a little dense to the touch, it actually has a great flavour to it. Made from a range of superfoods, you can have the toast spread with a variety of goodies, such as smashed avocado, chicken liver pâté, or chia and fruit preserve.

Other small breakfast options are the paleo pancakes or coconut oats. If you're after something a little sweet but still good for you, I'd go for the paleo pancakes. These are Dutch minis made with almond and coconut flour, so are little gluten free balls of light, doughy heaven. Order with the coconut yoghurt and mixed berries to make it even more delicious.

Raw balls or paleo power bars for those who need a pickmeup snack

Another signature of Thr1ve is their 'bowls'. Offering both breakfast bowls, and ones for lunch and/or dinner, these are 'build-your-own' style meals to suit your individual tastes. For breakfast, you choose your protein, veggies and sides. For lunch or dinner you start with a base choice such as brown and wild rice, raw zucchini noodles or seasonal mash. You then top with a protein like grass-fed beef burger with Texas BBQ sauce and pickles, or cayenne grilled chicken with buffalo sauce (there are vegetarian proteins to choose from, too), and then add whichever sides you like. For those who find too many options overwhelming, they have a few suggestion of their own for you to choose from too.

With a seasonal menu you know youll always be getting produce when its at its best.

If you're just after a snack though, Thr1ve has plenty of healthy, energy-boosting options. Choose from a selection of their smoothies such as green mango (kale, mango, avocado, chia seeds, lime, organic honey) or salted caramel (dates, bananas, chia seeds, cashew butter, salt). Or design your own smoothie by choosing a base, two fruits, one superfood, a sweetener and some spices, or get a superfood pot, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Even the bottled water is better for you than usual.

Thr1ve has a menu that changes with the seasons so that you are getting ingredients while they are at their best. Their Autumn/Winter menu has proved an absolute winner with me, and I can't wait to see what is on offer when Spring/Summer rolls around.

Rating: 9/10

Where: Food on Five, Sydney Westfield, Pitt Street Mall, 2000.
Cost: $3.50 coffees, $6 - $20 meals and snacks.
When: Monday - Wednesday and Friday 7.30am - 6.30pm. Thursday 7.30am - 9pm. Saturday 8.30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.
Good for kids: Yes, they also have a kids menu.
Take away: Yes.


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