Three Beans Westfield Sydney

Three Beans Westfield Sydney

Posted 2014-05-19 by Justine Crowleyfollow

Three Beans at Westfield Sydney, your ambience is divine to begin with. Situated at the urban level of this trendy shopping joint, you will find a place that has an ambience similar to many home backyards...where an old school meets a too cool for school kind of theme. When you see and admire the ambience, you get what I am on about. Pity about the concrete surrounding this space though. Then again, concrete playgrounds are fashionable too.

The experience (overall) at Three Beans at Westfield Sydney is sublime. Pleasant, and depending on your mood the experience can be rather productive on the flip side also. Had some notes to write, and so sat at the main table with a clothes line theme right above my head. It definitely didn't feel weird, but what felt weird was enjoying a sit down iced latte ($6, but same charge for take away) in a plastic cup. Seriously, I was expecting to sip and enjoy in a real glass. Next time. At least with a hot beverage, you'll enjoy more civilisation in the crockery and cutlery department.

Full table service is not provided here either. Remember to order and pay for your delicacies at the front counter. The staff will then bring your treats to your table. The wait times were perfect, and well timed - even for a Saturday afternoon.

A great place to catch up with friends, do a little bit of study, and/or recharge after some retail therapy - even if it's just for a little item. Worth a visit for the quirky ambience. I could be picky, and yes I could be a fuss pot, however, it would be dandy to see cold drinks like the iced latte in a proper drinking glass. Needless to say, the messages on the plastic cups are positive. The serving size is just right...maybe bordering on a little more plenty - yet who should not complain about abundance when it comes to food and drinks in Sydney. Soak it up Sydney, and the quirkily designed cafes are now the tortoises crushing the hares in the little foodie race.

Rating: 8/10

Where: Urban Level at Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000.
Why: Iced Latte. A hot drink for civilisation. The winner...drumroll please: the ambience!!
Cost: $6 for a standard iced latte.
When: In need of a kick, and to chill out in a nice, quirky space. You'd be a fool if you did not drink in and soak in the fun.

Good for kids: Borderline. Still thinking about that one. Let the adults have a little bit of fun.
Take away: Yes, but why would you??



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