Top Juice Westfield Sydney

Top Juice Westfield Sydney

Posted 2013-12-28 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Chocolate dipped paradise

It is that time of the year, as at the time of writing this. For many Sydney Food Lovers, hedonism wins in line for a great start to a new year. You know, you've eaten so much crap - now its time to go on a raw juice detox in eliminating such toxins. Top Juice at Westfield Sydney was the answer to my detox prayers for two days in a row. Two different raw vegetable juices were tried and tested, in line with a chocolate dipped fruit. The latter had to be snuck in to keep me sane.

Love that fresh fruit

The abundance of fresh fruit decorations in a circular seating area is just divine. The fresh fruit at the front counter, as well as their other healthy fast food treats are doubly divine. Pity I have to stick to raw juices for a few days, with a combination of bottled raw juices to take home. However, that plan is failing dismally.

The Super Veg

Top Juice also have a couple of other stores right in the city centre. Have tried the Pomegranate Cup ($6) at their David Jones Food Hall store; as well as the once a week Wheatgrass Shots ($3) at the Sydney Central Plaza store. Have also tried many of their juices at The Galeries Victoria.

Fresh and fruity

All great and consistent with excellent customer service. As part of my short lived (unfortunately) raw juice detox program, I initially went for a small Super Veg ($5.50) comprising of carrot, beetroot, parsley and ginger. The bright red packs some punch. We have the raw beetroot to thank for that. Boy the ginger flavour was strong, yet awesome. As expected, I was hungry one hour later. The juice was just fantastic.

Well displayed

Secondly, one went for a small Slim Grin ($5.50) with kale, spinach, celery and apple. This one was quite frothy, yet one of my favourite green juices in the city. The celery brings a bit of sweetness to the juice, however it was quite a refreshing drink for a hot day.

The service area

The chocolate dipped strawberry ($3) was quite small, yet the chocolate craving was just spot on without any of the guilt. The strawberries are also fresh, however I prefer the ones at Food Halls downstairs.

Its all good

I will return to Top Juice, however only for my wheatgrass shots once a week. They're just delicious and give you that real kick.

Small Slim Grin with a chocolate dipped strawberry

Rating: 7/10

Where: , Food on Five.
Why: Raw juice detox destination of choice, and I also love the weekly wheatgrass shots.
Cost: Small juices are $5.50 each. Wheatgrass shots $3 each. Chocolate dipped strawberries $3 each.
When: Saturday morning is awesome for those wheatgrass shots. Mornings are best for the detox juices.

Good for kids: Yes - only the chocolate dipped fruits.
Take away: Yes



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