Upper Crust Pies Collaroy

Upper Crust Pies Collaroy

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Everyone is looking for something new, something fresh, something exciting. There is something to be said about food establishments that have stood the test of time, and long after twenty years, they are still standing; still drawing a crowd, and still being talked about. Upper Crust Pies on Pittwater Road Collaroy is exactly that kind of establishment.

Driving along Pittwater Road, when I first saw the crowd standing along the road, my first thought was ‘what a busy bus stop.’ However, on closer inspection everyone had food in their hands, and we soon realised that there was something amazing going on, on that side of the road.

Joining the queue, the place was buzzing with activity. It is a very small shop, more like counter service. There was no over the top décor, no bells and whistles, just a counter, a drink fridge, a dessert fridge and pies. By the time we reached the front all we could hear was the girl behind the counter telling customers they had run out of what they wanted. A sure sign that if you wanted your favourite pie you really needed to come earlier. It was one o’clock when we arrived. After looking at the list of pies, I decided on the chicken and mushroom ($7.30) while my husband chose the spinach and feta ($7.60).

We sat on the seats outside the shop and began to devour our pies. What can I say, and honestly if you have ever eaten a pie here you would know exactly what I mean when I say they are the most amazing pies you will ever taste. The chicken and mushroom was filled to the brim with fresh pieces of chicken, and an abundance of mushrooms in a smooth, creamy sauce. It was hot and most importantly fresh tasting. The pastry was light and soft, and melted in my mouth. My husband’s spinach and feta was divine. Not only did this look heavenly, he said it was absolutely delicious. It was full of spinach as well as pumpkin, sun dried tomato, and of course feta cheese. A definite must for lovers of vegetables.

It was soon clear why there was no over the top décor, no bells and whistles. They didn’t need it. Their beautiful tasting pies sold themselves. In the time we were there people streamed in and out. There was not a moment when there was no one in the shop.

Upper Crust is nowhere near where I live. I just happened to be in the area. I can guarantee though, that we will most definitely be going back again, and with Collaroy Beach right across the road, what a great location for lunch.


Where: 1003 Pittwater Rd Collaroy NSW
Why: The best pies you will ever taste
Cost: $3 - $7.60
When: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday 7am - 5.30pm

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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