Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe Westfield Sydney

Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe Westfield Sydney

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Sitting at the centre of the food court is Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe

In the historical centre of Rome, Italy, Via Del Corso is known as the city’s main street, stretching far and wide to accommodate the landmarks and piazzas that reflect the history and culture of Italy. It is from this heart of Rome that inspired the ambience of the patisserie which sits in the centre of Westfield Sydney’s main food court. Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe brings a touch of Italian atmosphere and culture to Sydney Food Lovers, showcasing delectable sweets and traditional Italian treats to give a small taste of the environment that inspired it.

Staff members prepare the treats and drinks in the inner circular counter

You’ll be captured by the elegant design of this patisserie, which is completely circular, structured in a way to alternate between the window displays of cakes and gelato with polished white counter-tops displaying cloches of other pastries. The inside circular counter is where most of the action takes place - such as coffee being prepared and crepes being cooked upon order. Despite the inner counter being out of reach from customers, it is not forgotten in the decoration and style of the entire patisserie, with vases and glass displays filled with chocolates and sweet, colourful meringues.

An assortment of Via Del Corso biscuits on cake cloches

Regardless of which side of the circle you'll find yourself gazing at, you will salivate at the desserts and treats on offer at Via Del Corso. Like any Italian patisserie, there is no going past the extensive range of gelato flavours and sorbets on offer. Tubs and rows of a variety of flavours and colours glisten in the window display, with fruity options such as Lychee, Raspberry and Blood Orange, and indulgent flavours including Tiramisu and Fig Honey Pistachio; or the rich, chocolate varieties such as Dark Chilli Chocolate and Belgium White Chocolate.

Just a few tarts and cakes on display

Moving along the circular frame, rows of tarts and cakes make an appearance, each with their own unique flavours and presentation. You’ll discover tarts topped with caramelised Italian meringue, buttery shortcrust pastry and fillings of creamy, sweet custard. Decadent cakes and slices stand tall, individually cut into triangular and rectangular pieces. While many of the treats are popular and familiar in many non-Italian patisseries, you will occasionally come across the traditional Italian sweets such as the Millefoglie, layers of flaky pastry and rich Chantilly crème, and the Napoli biscuit. Apart from the sweet desserts, Via Del Corso also features breakfast pastries on their menu, which will accompany well with a delicious cup of coffee or icy drink.

If you’re hopping over to the Westfield for an afternoon snack, take a seat next to the patisserie and order for yourself and your friend a cup of coffee or frappe, and perhaps a sweet treat to share.

The beautifully decorated Lime and Coconut Tart decorated with icing sugar, lime and dry coconut.

The Lime and Coconut Tart ($8.90) is zesty and punches a lovely flavour combination. Its pale, lime green colour is quite vibrant and glossy, as a result of a clear, coconut gel that seals the custard over the top. Encasing the tart is a crumbly, sweet pastry to balance the citrus flavour of the filling. The tart is finished off with a decoration of dry coconut flakes and a slice of lime, with the outer rim of the tart generously dusted with icing sugar.

It’s a twist on the classic lemon curd tart, with the combination of lime and coconut giving the tart a refreshing flavour that cleanses the palate. The addition of coconut flakes also adds a little extra texture to contrast with the smooth custard. If you aren’t a huge fan of overly sweet desserts, this particular tart will give you the ideal balance of flavours that you’re after.

Chocolate Frappe tall glass, milky and frothy.

Via Del Corso has a range of hot and cold drink options, yet if you’re after something familiar, settle for a Chocolate Frappe ($8.00). This tall, frothy drink is icy and cold, and unlike other frappes, is filled with a generous amount of liquid compared to shaved ice. It’s creamy and milky, with the chocolate flavour having just the right amount of sweetness and richness without it being overpowering. The Chocolate Frappe is a good option for chocolate lovers, or children who aren’t looking for anything too fancy.

Nutellino an indulgent chocolate and coffee infusion

Those looking for a little indulgence will find it in the Nutellino ($6.00). This delicious macchiato has a hidden surprise inside - a bacio perugina chocolate dropped in the centre which melts in the coffee to give it a richer, indulgent chocolate flavour. On the tip of the glass, the rim is decorated and lined with Nutella spread, and finished with a few crushed hazelnuts for extra texture and flavour. Whether you classify this drink as coffee or mocha, coffee lovers will happily enjoy and indulge in this hot beverage which satisfies one’s Nutella and chocolate cravings all in one glass.

Great place to visit after a meal or a day in the mall

After your lunch or dinner meal in Westfield Sydney’s food court, be sure to stop over at Via Del Corso to give yourself a treat with a few desserts or a sweet drink. You’ll be greeted by the smiling faces and friendliness of the staff, and the mixture of both contemporary and traditional Italian desserts that peer out from under the glass; not to mention the sleek, black, rectangular sign above the patisserie, spelling out Via Del Corso, just like a street sign.

Walk around this circular countertop to discover more treats from Via Del Corso

Rating: 8/10

Where: Via Del Corso, Level 5/ Shop 507/508 Westfield Sydney NSW.
Why: The convenient location makes it hard to resist stopping over for coffee and cake. Cakes also change every now and then, which means you can discover new treats on offer.
Cost: Individual cakes and pastries range from $3-$9. Indulgent drinks from $6-$8.
When: Mon-Wed, Fri 7am-6:30pm, Thurs 7am-9pm, Sat 9am- 6:30pm, Sun 9am-6pm.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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