Windy Sushi Penrith

Windy Sushi Penrith

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Sometimes the thought of having to cook dinner becomes an absolute drag. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, but the thought of having someone preparing, cooking and delivering a good quality meal to me is very appealing. In addition to the usual go-to pizza standby’s; it is refreshing to know there is now a delivery of sushi in the Penrith area. Windy sushi have an extensive range of both sushi and traditional Asian noodle dishes.

Menu for Windy Sushi

There is an art to the creation of a good sushi roll. The combination of flavours and usage of select ingredients all need to work together to create a delicious, bite sized piece of food heaven. The menu fortunately gives customers a lot of combinations to choose from, and all of very reasonable pricing.

Tuna, chicken and California rolls.

Entrees have a selection of Steam Gyoza (5 pieces for $4.20), Steam Dim Sum (6 pieces $7.50), Fried Wonton (6 Pieces $3) for more traditional style items. For something a bit different try the Tempura Sweet Potato (6 pieces $4.50), BBQ Pork Bun ($2.50) or Salmon Sashimi ($8.50).

The Steamed Gyoza are a popular menu item

Steamed Dim Sum yummy as a starter

Sushi items are divided into different categories on the menu. There are individual rolls available in seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian styles ( starting from $2.50). Sushi bento boxes featuring Teriyaki chicken, salmon, tempura and combination style (starting at $12.80).

Rice paper rolls are also available in twin packs of combinations like Salmon, Roast Duck and Teriyaki beef (Starting at $5). The sushi packs are of great value, and have the favourites like California Pack ($6) Tuna Pack ($6) and the Grilled Salmon Nigiri Pack ($7).

Mini packs of all these combinations can also be purchased, and prices start from $3.

If sushi isn’t quiet your cup of tea, then fear not. There are a large selection of noodle soups, Omelettes, Japanese Curries and Salads to choose from. Laksa’s, Pho’s and Wonton noodle soups are all popular dishes.

Laksa Noodle Soup

I called up to place my order with a strong Asian accented lady. She was helpful and friendly, but I recommend double checking your order. I was disappointed that the brown rice options for the sushi were unavailable as this has occurred on several other occasions. The lady said the order would take approximately 45-minutes for delivery.

25-minutes later, and there was a knock on the door with three white plastic bags laden with sushi and noodle soup goodness. I was surprised that the order took as quick as it did - always a nice surprise. Because the order was over a certain amount there was a free entree provided, an added bonus.

Fried wontons

The steam Gyozas were fresh, but unfortunately slightly cold upon eating. This resulted in the pastry being somewhat rubbery. The filling was light and flavoursome. The free fried wontons were crispy and cooked in fresh oil, enjoyable.

Steamed Gyoza

The steam dim sums were of a generous serving and full of flavour. One of the best hot entree menu items.

Dim sum freshly steamed

One of my all-time favourite menu items is the Lobster Salad ($3). It is a light mix of seafood stick, prawns, lettuce and a creamy lobster sauce. It is always made to perfection with a balance of crisp iceberg lettuce married with rich lobster.

Light Lobster Salad

Great for a cold starter

An always popular sushi option, the California Pack is bright and cheerful in its appearance. Using the traditional ingredients of a California roll, a satisfying main meal.

Fresh and funky California Rolls

The Tuna and chicken pack consists of an equal share of mini tuna and chicken rolls. Fresh and light, this is a great option for those who like a bit of seafood and chicken in their sushi selection.

Best of tuna of chicken sushi

I am a die hard Laksa fan, and given this cosy cold weather could not think of anything better to have. The liquid soup component and the noodles come packaged separately. Once again I was disappointed at how cold the soup was upon arrival, and had to reheat it.

Laksa ready for essembling

Traditional Laksa flavours are present without being too spicy or full on. The use of small tender chicken pieces and soft tofu give the dish a nice balance of textures. An enjoyable main meal, just lacking a bit of oomph.

Overall the dining experience was good, with the sushi items being the stand outs. The hot items on the menu were slightly disappointing being both cold and lacking flavours. The service cannot be faulted, being both prompt and friendly.

Rating: 7/10

Where: Shop 3, 450 High Street Penrith NSW.
Why: Fresh sushi that is also home delivered.
Cost: $3 for sushi rolls and salads.
When: 5pm-8pm for delivery Mon-Sat

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes, and delivery.



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