Yogurtland Manly

Yogurtland Manly

Posted 2013-11-13 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Despite melting quickly, I loved it.

Sydney, it is obvious that we have not had enough when it comes to some fro-yo delights. Yogurtland , you have just recently opened at The Corso in Manly. On a hot day, we're delighted that you have. You're situated in a perfect location right near the beach as well. Cool. Sorry, bad pun there - yet you get my point.

The self service yogurt area

On a recent visit, the vibe was rather inviting. There were balloons blowing against a signpost outside. Inside - at the self service area, the activity was rather busy. There were two guys on staff, and I found Mike to be quite pleasant and courteous.

Love that chunky piece of honeydew

Their flavours verge on the light, fruity end to the devilishly indulgent. Think of flavours such as coffee, chocolate and the ever so sticky treat: the sticky date pudding of course. You get the drift.

The fruity topping selections

I was mixing and matching as much as I could, although the preference was definitely leaning towards the fruitier flavours. The four flavours I went for were as follows:

  • Guava Grapefruit Sorbet
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Kona Coffee Blend
  • Blackberry Passion Fruit Tart

  • Some space to sit and chill

    Different indeed. My favourites were the first and fourth selections, as per the bullet points above. Enjoyed with a large chunk of honeydew and with some lychee and apple popping boba candies.

    It is easy to weight it up and on

    Quite a cheap snack that just satisfied the spot. Mine came to $3.50 in total. However, it was a pity to start to see my yogurt melting as soon as I left the store and headed towards the beach area - just to burn it all off all over again.

    A vote of confidence

    Definitely a seagull proof, guilt free treat. Thank you for setting up shop in Manly Yogurtland.


    All I wanted to eat right now

    Here we are

    Rating: 8/10

    Where: Yogurtland - 96 The Corso Manly NSW.
    Why: Healthy fro-yo in a perfect locale.
    Cost: $3.50 - pay by weight basis. Wasn't overly hungry at the time, yet wanted to try some for Sydney Food Lovers.
    When: Friday afternoon is a treat - on a hot day too.

    Good for kids: Yes
    Take away: Yes


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