ZenQ Sydney City

ZenQ Sydney City

Posted 2013-11-28 by sarahfollow
It was a very hot day walking down George street in the CBD, on the corner of all the tapas you could eat. Buildings sweated from their bricks and beads sprouted from my own head, when a sparkling mirage came through in the shimmering heat.
Zen Q, one of the many tea shops jumping out at those of us thirsty for something apart from expensive juice concoctions in this approaching summer.

Subliminal sign for novices like me

Cautiously I came upon the menu, book thick with different teas. Being a tea novice I ordered the appetising new pomegranate ice tea, trusting to the experts.

Maybe Ill try the blueberry next time

Tea fanatics will be delighted with the choices: iced, green, black, with milk, without, colourful and new like my pomegranate or blueberry whilst still offering the old favourites. Come in or breeze past with a cool fruity tea for a mere $4.50.

The fruit before the tea

The attendant asked me if I wanted green or black. I had never had such a choice with iced tea before. My own limited experience with tea led me to the black tea.
I watched her pick pieces of equipment up from her open laboratory and build my tea in front of me.
I almost drank it down too quickly to savour it, cracking the vacuum packed top with a large straw, at least a centimetre in diameter, feeling refreshed and greedy for more.

The tea laboratory

A couple at a table by me were sharing one of their ice cream desserts, one of the most colourful combinations of food I’d ever seen.
The food matched the décor, cream walls, bright pink sides and very fresh, almost like the older styles of ice cream shops with shiny silver pots of tea on the left as you come in.
Sublimely air conditioned but lacking in bathroom facilities, which I found I needed after bolting a regular sized cup of tea. I would recommend that tea drinkers come armed with all of their knowledge to help them choose from the library of options available at Zen Q on George street.

Vacuumpacked for your convenience

Rating: 8/10

Where: 569 George St Sydney NSW
Why: Because tea is a refreshing and rehydrating
Cost: Cheap and Reasonable: $4.50 for a an ice tea.
When: Lunch til later
Takeaway: Yes
Good for kids: Yes. Tea for mum and ice cream for the kids.



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