Zwirl Yogurt House Newtown

Zwirl Yogurt House Newtown

Posted 2014-02-07 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Cheap and delicious blueberry froyo

It all gels together. Newtown can be easily be dubbed the food capital of Sydney. Thai restaurants, tofu ice cream and now fro-yo. That's right, it was only time before the fro-yo bug would hit the ever so popular King Street. A little leaven of fro-yo love is found at Zwirl Yogurt House, after you leave the hospital area and you're heading towards Broadway Shopping Centre.

Fell like a kid in a candy store all over again

I definitely have not seen this establishment before. Came inside, and although small I was more than welcome. This is not a self-serve fro-yo joint. The staff tell you what flavours are available, and you go from there. Today (as at the time of writing this) there was mango, vanilla, blueberry and peach (off hand) to try. I opted for the blueberry. Just a plain blueberry fro-yo without any toppings. Wasn't in the mood for any extra sweets. Like many of the fro-yo establishments in Sydney, you can ask for some popping boba to the likes of lychee and peach.

The fruits are in too

There is a trendy, lolly store like cart in a corner where you can help yourself to some sweets. As I just wanted my fro-yo as it is, I am not fully sure how much extra the sweets would cost. The latter could be charged on a pay by weight basis.


The service was pleasant, and it was pot luck that I came here during their happy hour - where you can enjoy a fro-yo for $2 a pop between midday to 2pm every Monday to Friday. I was walking back to Central Station after catching up with a couple of friends.

On King Street

Must I say, the serving size was generous for that price. Normally you'd pay double for a small fro-yo. The blueberry flavour is there, yet it does not overpower. I was so full. I only just finished this treat by the time I arrived at the intersection between Broadway and City Road. Naturally on a hot day, a bit of the fro-yo was melting, however not as much as I anticipated it would.

Enjoying it on a pleasant walk back on the way to Central station.

Highly recommended, and awesome value for money irrespective of whether you come here during their happy hour or not. A great treat for the nearby students at Sydney Uni too.

Rating: 9/10

Where: 85 King Street Newtown NSW. They also have a store in Chatswood.
Why: Delicious and filling fro-yo.
Cost: Come here during happy hour, and your fro-yo is only $2 between midday to 2pm, Monday to Friday. Toppings extra.
When: As per the above, definitely during happy hour.

Good for kids: Yes
Take away: Yes



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